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Yesterday's Colours
"There's no such thing as a bad idea. Only poorly executed awesome ones."
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(( will be cross-posted to my tumblr ))

I mentioned in the OOC twitter channel quite late last night (after several peoples' bedtimes, as it turned out) that I received some pretty bad news IRL last night. I debated whether or not I was going to make a post about it for those who missed it, but then I decided to avoid weird questions/theories/generalized what even I might as well. It's not hurting anyone to do so!

First of all, I am quite fine. My family has dealt with one thing or another for almost ten years now, and while I have my moments of OMG I'm generally pretty good at compartmentalizing with no ill effects. And anyone that has extended sympathies so far despite not knowing what was happening, I thank you! It was very much appreciated!

It is not an overly personal subject. My mom has not been feeling well over the last several months and while we thought it was improper care following a gastric surgery in November (because the doctors at that office really are a bunch of maniacs) there has been the recent discovery of the fact that some suspicious cells that couldn't be removed have in fact developed into stomach cancer. She is currently undergoing a series of radiation. I had my hour or so of hysteria and generalized yelling at the universe, but I and my family are quite alright as of this point.

Why am I posting about this?

Simply, I do not want anyone to feel like they have to be weird or cautious or sensitive around me. In fact, I encourage absolute normalcy! Go about your business, talk about whatever, make inappropriate jokes. Oh gods yes, please. XD Distraction is the best thing now, as you have all gotten me through worse crises in the past you had no idea were even happening (because I did not share at the time) just by being yourselves. I simply wanted to notify in advance that if I flake out on something, drop unexpectedly, or back out of something planned it was nothing personal. I do not foresee this happening whatsoever, as my entire family would rather we did not live our lives walking on eggshells around this situation and let it always sit at the forefront of our minds. But because it COULD, I would rather be safe than sorry. Communication is, as always, key. Especially when we're forced to work through text here! Being positive and focusing on LIFE is key. We have all been through this before as a family, so we are rather acquainted with the goings-on. It's just a bit scarier for me personall because of where it is, so while I am experiencing a bit more anxiety than usual I don't want anyone to feel like they ought to handle me or my feelings carefully. I am not going to flip a table and eat your face, I promise (but Trae might. X3). 

I am open to RP of all types throughout! Feel free to attack Traejan with scathing remarks, stab my nice innocent warlock, etc. I am all good! In general I am not a triggery person, so I apologize if my unexpected unload in the channel (for those present) was uncomfortable for anyone else. That was never my intention. I didn't mean it in that way, but I was in the midst of OMG CRISIS MODE at the time and barely avoiding jumping in my car for the ten hour drive to Atlanta to check on my mother myself (as I couldn't get a hold of her at all that day prior to the news and my brother can be a douche to rule all douchebags sometimes). Thankfully she just had her phone silenced for a nap and didn't get my emails either. Accurately called by someone I was talking with at the time! :)

I simply want to stress normalcy here guys. No pressure, no worries. :) You're all great folks and great friends and we have a lot of fun together, which is all the support I could ever ask for in the middle of something like this (and I don't even have to ask, you guys just ooze the awesome!). And as such, you deserved to know what's what. NOW SAIL ONWARD FOR GREAT JUSTICE.

Thanks everyone. <3
B&amp;W Profile Hiddles
(( cross-posted from tumblr ))

So, I decided to make a public tumblr post to cover all bases (and I have cross-posted to LiveJournal for the same reasons). Exposure to as many involved here is key.

I realize there was some misunderstandings as to what went on last night in regards to the events on twitter.

Let me preface this all by saying tha I am not upset, angry, butthurt, offended, or any other negative things. The RP was actually quite fun!

My anxiety came from the fact that I was confused over the whole thing, which was the result of a few things which I will now explain.

Firstly, the topic preceding the entire event hadn’t come together in my mind to ease into the rest. It seemed odd to begin with, but it is normal (and acceptable) for characters to comment and hold opinions ICly. The presence of my character was minimal at that point, simply to defend Thistle a bit and explain that his feelings were legitimate considering what had occurred with Tarin the night before.

He attempted not to engage with Aenstrian, but expected the usual amount of snide commentary and jabs that Aenstrian and Jadall are known for whenever they are all at once presently writing.

When Aenstrian unloaded on him and aired all the dirty laundry of his past was shocking IC and OOCly.

Let me emphasize tha I do not mind the fact that people dislike my character. He is a difficult, abrasive, racist Death Knight. He is capable of being a very dangerous person with one hell of a shady past, and it would be a massive understatement to say that his behaviour can be at its best questionable and at its worst horrible (and illegal). He has his good qualities but god damnit could he make it any harder to put up with the rest long enough to see them. I have been RPing this very same character across two realms since the very day that Wrath of the Lich King dropped. His overall story and purpose has changed, but his personality has always been the same. I am used to him being hated, hunted, jailed, tortured, etc. This all comes with the territory of roleplaying a character of this nature. It seems to be his lot to fall in with the wrong people and then have to dig his way out of things, as that has happened on both realms now. I enjoy the character development and the experiences that come about from it. I enjoy the interactions with different characters, positive or negative. ICly he might hope that people will all just let it go eventually, but OOCly I get that people do not get over things overnight. He also has his share of deep-seated issues!

At no point to I expect everyone to suddenly love the guy. I don’t expect characters to hand-wave what he’s done and let everything be sunshine and unicorns. I don’t mind the needling and the snark and the arguments when they occur from time to time. I find the plot that is the fall and slow, painful, and at times fruitless struggle to attempt to redeem himself in some fashion to be very entertaining. Not everyone is going to see him as redeemed or better at the end too. It happens. Every character has their personality and their quirks and they are allowed to make their own opinions.

This was a misunderstanding because unfortunately I do not know much about the characters involved. My interaction with Aenstian and co. is extremely limited, since it largely occurs in the tome and when it involves Traejan it tends to be a lot of anger on both ends ICly. I only know that Aenstrian has obvious and logical issues with the Scourge and those who engage in and enjoy behaviours that trigger these issues. Of course it would disgust him and draw hate from him!

I can only say that I, OOCly, was not aware of the current plot surrounding Aenstrian’s character and his emotional state. Last I heard of him outside the tome is his involvement with Rosefica, Kiren, etc. My confusion and anxiety last night was simply becaus I worried that I personally had crossed a line in some way with people I unfortunately do not talk to as much as I’d like to.

The implications that the IC/OOC line was being blurred is something I would like to apologize for now. I am sure you are all aware of what I dealt with not that long ago. What you don’t realize is that many days and weeks went by before I ever knew what was going on (beyond the daily dose of wtf even), and then the bomb dropped. Many days of wondering what was going on and how people felt about me or what I had really done wrong. That has made me a bit anxious that that might happen again, and I apologize if my panicking bothered anyone last night.

I’d just like to say that I don’t bite! Please pleas if you ever have an issue with me I would rather deal with it presently rather than later, especially if you’ve an issue that is only getting worse for my ignorance. Ideally, none of us should have any, so that’s hopefully a moot point but I am always open to talk


That aside, I am curious to see where things go ICly from here on out, knowing that no OOC anxieties need play into it. :)

Glowy Tarin

(( cross-posted from tumblr ))

1.) Describe your character’s relationship with their mother or their father, or both. Was it good? Bad? Were they spoiled rotten, ignored? Do they still get along now, or no?

Being the youngest and the third child, Tarin was aware of the favouritism that existed in her family. Though Imrinde loved everyone equally Traejan favoured her and Eridanus favoured Telarion. She was a child talented with different forms of magic and she dabbled a bit on either side, undecided if she wanted to follow in one parent's footsteps or the other. There was no pressure on her, just an expectation to live up to her family's reputation. This wasn't too difficult, as they were all provided the best educations.

While she could do a mediocre bit of healing it didn't excite her, so she moved on to trying her hand at arcane magic. This thrilled her in ways the Light couldn't hope to achieve, so she had seemed to find her niche, particularly in areas where she had opportunities to work in elemental schools. She was attracted to fire and had aspirations to be a fire mage some day. There wasn't a political bone in her body so the Magistry held no interest for her either, but as an avid reader of fiction and having been brought on a trip or two with either Imrinde or Eridanus she dreamed of heroically traveling the world and solving Azeroth's dilemmas by burning things. It was an amusing, childish dream that her parents and siblings were willing to humour, even as she grew older and never quite left that imaginative and fanciful mindset.

She was closer to Imrinde in general, as the woman had a wealth of knowledge and and extensive library to offer her besides her unending support and remarkable patience (she would never comment on how many things had to be replaced due to accidental incineration). Eridanus was just close enough to caution her, especially when she grew very close to Traejan. It wasn't as if he'd gone down a dark path, but the concern was that he'd bring out the same aggravatingly rebellious streak in her.

One thing of note, however, was that her entire family had a tendency to shelter and baby her, even when she was older. She might have been older and relatively self-sufficient but she was still the 'baby' of the family. If her parents were not spoiling her in some way or doing things for her, her siblings would, which over time made her doubt her strength and abilities. She desired to be strong enough not only to take care of herself but to allow others to rely on her. If there was saving and protecting to do, she wanted to do so her parents would finally stop.

When the Scourge came to Quel'Thalas she'd gone off with Telarion and obviously ended up surviving and her life went off in a drastically different direction.

When the family discovered that Imrinde had survived their was some initial tension and disappointment that she'd chosen to become a warlock and immersed herself in Fel so deeply, but they remain on peaceful terms as long as they do not discuss it.

Tel Fase

(( cross-posted from tumblr ))

1.) Describe your character’s relationship with their mother or their father, or both. Was it good? Bad? Were they spoiled rotten, ignored? Do they still get along now, or no?

Telarion's relationship with Imrinde was not particularly noteworthy. It was not by any means bad, but he simply was not as close with his mother as Traejan was. Of course, he deeply cared for her and she for him but they lacked the same connection. They were not quite as similar, which made it difficult for him to relate with her on several things. Telarion was more withdrawn where his mother could be more bold and easily take the spotlight, though from her he did learn the valuable lesson of having no fear when it involved something you strongly believed in, and standing up for that belief.

He bonded much more closely with Eridanus, his father. He took far more interest in his work as a priest, studying alongside his father in everything one needed to know to be an effective healer. He learned all about Light and how to manipulate it, borrowing heavily from the human tradition. Still, they were Quel'dorei nonetheless, and he was reminded that as much belief as there was in its power, he ultimately controlled it because it was simply magic and decided when it would and would not appear; it was not something that could choose whom to serve. This idea would be especially important onward into the future. He received the favour that Traejan did not, as once Traejan had been effectively written off by Eridanus the high expectations he held had been placed firmly upon Telarion. This made him feel bad, as he could not understand the need for the animosity between his beloved father and brother, and knew that when the time came for things to pass on to the heir he would fight to see that things rightfully placed to his elder brother.

Of course, this time never came as the Scourge did instead. Where Traejan (and also Imrinde and Eridanus, though none of them had known at the time) had gone out to fight he was sent with Tarin with instructions to flee to the Isle despite his protests. This saved their lives, and fortunately the question of inheritance never came to be.

Loki Grin
(( cross-posted by request from tumblr ))

6.) Describe your character’s happiest memory.

Traejan's happiest memory involves the day that he passed his final test to truly become a Spellbreaker. He had been training for quite a long time to improve his strength and to fully master all the intricacies of the style which took years of formal instruction and studying. Eventually it came to be that in order to progress to being anything other than a student he would have to best his trainer in single combat. It was a very long, difficult fight and they were very evenly matched, but in the end he did eventually succeed. There was no quick and easy solution with her, and he was pushed to draw on every bit of knowledge he had to pull it off.

For him it was not only the fulfillment of a long-held dream but reward for his hard work. And above and beyond that, the respect of his teacher. She was someone he had held in very high regard for years, so to finally feel like the feeling was mutual was a great accomplishment.

It probably didn't hurt that he was also really sticking it to his father, who was never pleased with the idea of his eldest son becoming a Spellbreaker rather than a Magister.

Loki Grin

(( cross-posted by request from tumblr ))

5.) What’s your character’s ranking on the KINSEY SCALE?

Traejan would rank as a 0. In all his life he has been exclusively with women and has never considered anything else. He is well aware that a fairly large chunk of his people may be homosexual or bisexual and while that doesn't bother him at all it's something he simply doesn't consider personally. He hasn't tried and has never thought to deviate from what he knows. Being hit on by other men makes him nervous and a bit defensive, but that's because it's well outside his zone of familiarity and not because he finds it at all disgusting. Anything that falls into that category is more than enough to set him on edge.

Loki Grin
(( cross-posted by request from tumblr ))

4.) How vain is your character? Do they find themselves attractive?

How vain? Very vain. Traejan is not of the opinion that death means your appearance no longer matters. He has always thought himself attractive all throughout his life, and just because some things have changed (like not having a pulse) doesn't mean that's over.

First of all, he doesn't look too different from when he was alive. His skin colour is changed, being more pale and deathly grey than before, but that had no bearing on his actual features. His big obvious scar is (fortunately) not on the face, which is a plus. He actually considers his level of attractiveness to be on the same level (or above) as most living people, and if it came right down to it he believes he still has it and would have no problems attracting someone on the basis of looks (and charm) alone. Assuming he hasn't creeped them out just by being there.

He is a bit self-conscious about his hair. Just a bit. He takes care of it to keep it looking well, but it's always going to be blue. Suddenly he has to consider if things are "too matchy" because of it where he never did before, because of course if your armour matches your deathcharger matches your hair, it's a crime against fashion.

Hiddles Trae
(( cross-posted from tumblr ))

Sego is italicized. Traejan is normal.

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Bitch Plz
(( cross-posted by request from tumblr ))



While the runes in question were mentioned in the Character Meme, writing their specifics got much more detailed than I really wanted to cover within the meme. I tend to do memes half for myself and half for the people I roleplay with who will have the opportunity to read this stuff. It's a reference for all of us. If I mess up and change something, someone has a reference to remind me or I have something I can point to if someone is new or if a concept is ever confusing. I like that! So rather than making someone sift through the meme I decided to make a highlight post.

None of this is anything I would consider character spoilers. He doesn't go around showing them off or talking about them, but the effects of their presence are a part of his day-to-day and that appears in RP and often (you probably just didn't know it!). So if you read this, don't worry that there might be something that you OOCly would have preferred to learn ICly. A lot of this is explained on the OOC side of things because as I just said, Traejan lives with this everyday. He doesn't think too hard about how it works, it just is. He's probably not going to write your character a song about this, so it is a 99.9% chance it will never be explained to most people ICly.

That being said, this is OOC information. I have notated within the text itself situations where your character might catch on and I will say here (and reiterate at least once more) that you can always ask if you think your character might know something or be interested or anything. This all generates RP! This is all good! I am confident anyway that everyone who follows this blog is an awesome and trustworthy RPer who doesn't meta-game so no worries. :D

Traejan's runes and everything those entail:

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(( cross-posted by request from tumblr ))

3.) Name one scar your character has, and tell us where it came from. If they don’t have any, is there a reason?

I have literally been pining away for this prompt since I spotted it on the list. This is really the first prompt that lets me explore some super relevant backstory. I mean, it's all relevant, but this applies directly to Death Knight Stuff of Importance.

The one scar I've chosen to name is THE Scar. Which is to say, the one that came about because of what killed him.

Everyone who has ever met him has seen it, because it's impossible to miss. It begins just beneath his right ear and descends diagonally over his throat and well down over his chest. Unless he wanted to wear a scarf forever there would be no way to completely hide it. Most people who make a conscious effort to try and ignore the fact that he is dead tend to get tripped up by it because it's staring them in the face.

The necromancers who put him back together were not plastic surgeons and were definitely not taking any chances with a wound of that size when they decided to stitch it back together. Thick, black, cable-like material holds everything together. At least whoever did it had a good eye for symmetry, because the stitching is quite neat and even.

So that's the what; now onward to the why.

If Traejan had a powerful fear of arachnids now it would be entirely justified. He fought and died during the Scourge's siege of Silvermoon, successfully cutting his way through several waves of undead for some time before his number finally came up. It was a Nerubian Cryptstalker that did it, one that managed to get the jump on him when it basically cut his mount right out from under him. Despite the ambush he held his ground against it rather well for awhile.

And then he got cocky and careless.

He'd thought he'd finished it and that was that, which was the moment when he let his guard down. A valuable lesson was learned that day: never assume it's dead until it's on the ground and stops moving.

The Cryptstalker had one last fight in it before it was over and its wild flailing eventually became too much to handle. All it took was for one razor-sharp claw to slip past his guard

There is of course far more to the story, but some of the finer details I prefer to divulge ICly.

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